Recently, we purchased a digital camera from Circuit City. They offered a good price on-line, so we ordered the camera from their website, and picked up the camera from one of their local stores. All in all, that should be the end of the story right?


Ever since that day, I get at least one call a day from 804-747-6434. When I answer the telephone, the person on the other end of the line never speaks and when I don’t answer the telephone they never leave a message.

So, I called the telephone number in question the other day and who should it be but the Circuit City Extended Warranty department.

Apparently, since I opted not to be voluntarily ripped off at the time of purchase, Circuit City has employed a building full of trained weasels to telephone me once a day. Now, it’s not clear to me what purpose that serves since the monkeys never speak or make any other noises on the other end of the line. If they were trying to sell me an extended warranty, it might help if they spoke or otherwise attempted to communicate in some method that I could understand.

Really, what’s it gonna take to make Circuit City die the death it so richly deserves? The company has been on the brink of bankruptcy for years and yet every year it just barely hangs on and lives to torture us all with shady business practices that are just this side of outright fraud. If they’re going to employ hard-sell and shady sales tactics, at least they could have the courtesy to be a successful company. Instead, they let their competitors like Best Buy (who is being sued by the state of Wisconsin for underhanded and illegal business practices, by the way) gobble up their business.

The moral of the story is that if you purchase something from Circuit City, you should expect them to start harrassing you at all hours if you decline the Extended Warranty. After all, someone has to keep that building full of weasels busy.