…that we bought a digital camera last night. Now we can upload all sorts of photos to this site and bore all of our friends and family.

We took plenty of bad, meaningless photos already. However, there are three we wanted to share with everyone. The first photo is a picture of a rain barrel that Sarah built two weeks ago. Some folks had expressed to us a desire to see exactly what a rain barrel looks like.

The second photo is a picture of our tulip garden in bloom. So many people have seen pictures of the house, or have seen the house itself, but very few have seen our house in the Spring when all of our tulips are in bloom.

The third photo is just an interesting photo of Dalla looking out the window.

Sarah did some extensive research, and the camera we purchased is the Olympus C-765 Ultra Zoom. It is neither the top of the line, nor the bottom of the barrel. The only thing we don’t like about it is that it doesn’t run on AA batteries like some of the others we looked at did. So, if we go to a country like Greece or Brazil or the like, we’ll have to make sure that we bring along an appropriate power adapter for the battery recharger.

On the plus side, the camera has a variety of manual options to override most of the automatic settings. In addition, it as a 10x optical zoom. One of our biggest complaints with our last few cameras is that we just couldn’t seem to get “close” enough to distant subjects using the zoom lens. This camera shouldn’t have that problem.