Sarah and I stopped in to one of the local Hispanic groceries the other day. While browsing the aisles, I saw this sauce from El Yucateco on the shelves.

The label on the bottle reads, “Original Mayan Recipe.” The Mayans, depending on who you ask, had a variety of interesting uses for habanero peppers. Some claim that they ate plates of habanero peppers, with just salt. I will buy that they ate the peppers, but the idea of using salt as a condiment seems to be too much of a modern idea for that to be believable.

Still others claim that the Mayans threw hot peppers at their enemies in battle. That is completely outside the realm of reason. It would be far more effective to hurl bricks and stones than produce. After all, simply making contact with a habanero pepper’s unbroken skin isn’t likely to make your skin burn.

Others claim that the Mayans burned peppers in large fires and that the smoke confused and disabled their enemies. That I completely believe. If you’ve ever had hot pepper smoke in your eyes, nose, and throat, you have no choice but to believe that’s true.

If the Mayans truly did contact this sauce, they certainly knew what they were doing. Even for a hot pepper sauce veteran like myself, Kutbil-ik XXXtra is hot. Unlike many hot sauce frauds that claim to be extraordinarily hot, and quite frankly, aren’t, Kutbil-ik XXXtra Hot Sauce is the real deal.

Pepper Heads: This is the good stuff. Hot, hot, hot.

Pepper Novices: Are you crazy?!? Your mouth should be burning just reading this page.