Some random thoughts that are rattling around in my head.

Heard on NPR tonight that certain individuals are concerned about the fact that Saddam Hussein might not face the death penalty. Dummies.

Don’t they remember that our current President was Governor of Texas, the state that has executed more people in this country than any other? Shrub didn’t exactly have a lengthy record of commuting those sentences either.

The seed catalogs started arriving in the mail last week. I can only label them “vegetable porn.” Looking at all those succulent, fresh, ripe vegetables picked at their peak…

You’ll excuse me if I relish a few dirty thoughts. (That’s a gardening pun, for those still wondering if what I wrote would pass FCC decency rules).

We had sixty degree weather on Sunday. It is difficult to contemplate the fact that we will probably experience another snowstorm before March is done.

Money simply cannot buy good taste. Money can rent good taste; money can employ good taste. But money cannot get you a good taste infusion.

What have we done to deserve being punished with extensive media coverage of the Michael Jackson fiasco, I mean, trial?

Why is it so damn difficult to get good Mexican food?