I must have been in an angry mood about the state of the world this week. It just occurred to me that I’ve been listening primarily to political folk, protest music, and music with a message that goes beyond “I love you.”- Ani Difranco - FuelExcept all the radios agree with all the TV’sAnd all the magazines agree with all the radiosAnd I keep hearing that same damn songEverywhere I goMaybe I should put a bucket over my headAnd a marshmallow in each earAnd stumble around for another dumb numb weekFor another hum drum hit song to appearPeople used to make recordsAs in a record of an eventThe event of peoplePlaying music in a roomNow everything is cross-marketingIt’s about sunglasses and shoesOr guns or drugsyou choose

  • Mustard’s Retreat - The Story of Jake and Ten Ton MollyJake arrived at work that morning twenty minutes late.

His parking spot was taken; he walked four blocks to the gate.

He missed the coffee wagon; dropped his doughnut on the floor.

When from the office, his boss called, “Jake, come in and close the door.”Eighteen years at this old drafting board. Isn’t that a laugh?

But they say, “We’ve lost the contract, and we’ve got to cut back staff.

A couple of weeks severance, some vacation pay past due,I’m fifty-six years old now. What am I supposed to do?

  • David Rovics - Saint Patrick BattalionIt was there in the pueblos and hillsidesThat I saw the mistake I had madePart of a conquering armyWith the morals of a bayonet bladeSo in the midst of these poor, dying CatholicsScreaming children, the burning stench of it allMyself and two hundred IrishmenDecided to rise to the call
  • David Rovics - Everything Looks the SameI’m just driving down this highwayPast a shopping mallI see billboard after billboardHear the advertiser’s callI see cars and I hear cars and I smell carsAll just like mineI see a world covered with asphaltYou’re in parking lot G9It’s just sprawling on foreverIt doesn’t even have a nameIt’s the land where everything looks the same
  • Utah Phillips - We Have Fed You All For a Thousand YearsThere is never a mine blown skyward nowBut we’re buried alive for you.

There’s never a wreck drifts shoreward nowBut we are its ghastly crew.

Go reckon our dead by the forges redAnd the factories where we spin.

If blood be the price of your cursed wealth,Good God! We have paid it in!

  • Ani Difranco - Coming Up But I love this city, this stateThis country is too largeAnd whoever’s in charge up thereHad better take the elevator downAnd put more than change in our cupOr else we are coming up