Last week, I visited a local dentist to get some fillings. As anyone who has ever had dental work might expect, that was a huge mistake.

Before I went to see the dentist, I really had no issues with my teeths’ performance. I asked them to chew all manner of edible goods, and they did their job.

Since my teeth have always been sensitive to cold, I returned the favor by not to asking them to chew really cold foods like ice cream, ice, and the like. So, last Tuesday, I showed up at the dentist office to get three fillings. I should mention that the dentist in question moved into a new building the day before I arrived, so no one was quite sure where everything was and how it was going to work.

However, after one and one-quarter hours, the dentist proclaimed his work done. He then gave me all sorts of onimous warnings about how he might have to give me two root canals because he had to drill so deep into two of the teeth. My reaction at the time was, “Then why even bother with the fillings? I know you have a new building to pay off, but this is ridiculous.”Anyway, I went home and spent the rest of the day with a throbbing cheek and set of gums.

I noticed almost immediately that one of the teeth on which the dentist had operated was incredibly sensitive to cold. Even swishing water from the tap around in my mouth was a very unpleasant experience. I decided that might just be tenderness that would wear off over time.

Well, its now Monday, and the tenderness has only gotten worse, rather than better. In addition to cold, the tooth is very sensitive to sugary foods and acids (like those found in grapefruit). Of course, those are two classic signs of cavities. I didn’t have any problems with those foods before, which makes me wonder if the damn dentist drilled a bigger hole in the tooth than he bothered to fill!So, this morning, I started calling over to the dentist’s office, trying to get an appointment.

The first call ended with me on hold for ten minutes before I hung up.

The second ended with me being transferred to a voicemail box that “has not been initialized.”The third ended with me being given a different phone number to call that is supposed to ring at the “new building.” I was then transferred to a voicemail box that “has not been initialized.”The fourth call ended up with someone who wanted to transfer me (probably to that same voicemail box) before I stopped them. They then told me that the person with whom I need to speak is “at the other building.” If they’re at the new building, what building is this and what good is the number that I got in call number three?!? They did take my number and say they would get back to me.

So, I took some aspirin for my teeth and started hoping that they will call me back.

Finally, they called me back and told me to come over in one-half hour. We’ll see what Satan’s drill-happy running dog has to say for himself.