Some movies we’ve seen of late:- The Station Agent - See it.

  • Zatoichi - See it.
  • Before Sunset - Girls: See it. Guys: Slack it.
  • De-Lovely - Skip it. As much as I like Cole Porter’s music, I could never get past my “Oh, look. There’s Kevin Kline and Ashley Judd” stage. Neither Sarah or I was able to suspend our disbelief and enter the movie’s world. And the artifice the movie employs to tie the plot together is amateurish.
  • Walking Tall - You find The Rock entertaining: Slack it. Otherwise: Skip it.
  • Collateral - See it. See it twice. Jamie Foxx was robbed with merely a best supporting actor nomination. He was clearly a starring actor in this film.
  • Shaun of the Dead - See it. It features zombies, after all. Explanation of my capsule movie reviews