If your Christmas spirit is chased away by playlists consisting entirely of the same old Christmas carols played in the same order and sung by the same performers, SomaFM has something that will reinvigorate your Christmas spirit. Check out SomaFM’s “XMas In Frisco” stream for a wider variety of serious and lighthearted Christmas audio wallpaper. Some of the song titles you might hear:- “Holy Shit, It’s Christmas” by Red Peters

  • “Merry Muthaphuckin’ X-mas” by Eazy-E
  • “Merry Christmas” by The Ramones
  • “Have Yourself A Merry little Christmas” by Judy Garland
  • “The 12 Gay Days Of Christmas” by Go
  • “Ay, Ay, Ay It’s Christmas” by Ricky Martin
  • “12 Drugs of Christmas” by Afroman google_ad_client = “pub-9050559929403028”;google_ad_width = 728;google_ad_height = 90;google_ad_format = “728x90_as”;google_ad_type = “text_image”;google_ad_channel =”“;google_color_border = [“FDFFCA”,”CC99CC”];google_color_bg = [“FDFFCA”,”E7C6E8”];google_color_link = [“0000CC”,”000000”];google_color_url = [“008000”,”00008B”];google_color_text = [“000000”,”663366”];