What is it going to take to rid myself of the Sierra Club and its minions?!?

Several years ago, I made the unfortunate error of becoming a Sierra Club member. Generally, I agree with their projects and environmental outlook. However, much like the Eagles “Hotel California”, you can stop renewing your membership any time you like, but you can never leave. During the weeks leading up to the November 2nd General Election, the Sierra Club called our house, no exaggeration, nineteen times. That’s nineteen times that we actually answered the telephone. If they started calling us and we didn’t answer, they called every fscking hour until we did answer. If that is not some form of harassment, I’m not sure what qualifies.

In addition to calling us ceaselessly, the Club helpfully added my e-mail address to multiple e-mail lists without first asking me if that was okay. Naturally enough, I am having trouble getting myself off of the e-mail lists. The club is decentralized much like any other outfit engaged in clandestine or subversive activities. It operates with a fair amount of autonomy with each local cell running its own servers, activities and the like. So, getting your name off of one list in one local cell does nothing to get your name off another list maintained by a completely separate local cell.

It goes without saying that we get torrents of junk mail from the Sierra Club, as well.

Some online sources report that a full quarter of the club’s membership rolls turnover every year. Given the Club’s overly aggressive money-grubbing tactics, such turnover is not surprising. People get tired of being constantly pestered with requests for more money, more money, more money. It would be like having a Salvation Army bell ringer in your bedroom.

It will be a very long time before I even consider joining the Sierra Club again. Such overly agressive hounding of former members does not deserve to be rewarded.