It always seemed ironic to me that the telephone company’s primary method of receiving outage information from its customers was a telephone number. So, if your telephone doesn’t work, the telephone company wants you to call them and tell them about it.

And, when you do call them to report that your telephone is non-functional, they always ask, “Are you calling us from the number you are reporting as down?” In that spirit, I love this disclaimer that I found on a web site today:The Internet is a global network that is not maintained by any one entity. Therefore, it is quite possible to experience outages and delays. Please be aware that if this site is unavailable, there could be outages between you and this site beyond our control.

So, if I cannot reach the web site in question, how can I read the disclaimer at the bottom of the screen to learn that the problem at hand is not caused by the company whose web site I cannot reach?