We had a generally pleasant and low-key weekend.

Saturday’s weather left plenty to be desired. It was one of those all-day fall rains with temperatures right around forty degrees. So, we spent most of the day indoors except for a pair of dog walks. Saturday night, we went to the UW-Madison Men’s Hockey game against Michigan. We have season tickets to all the games this year, and had seen the Badgers lay and egg against Michigan St. on Friday night. UW was ranked No. 2 in the country going in to Friday night’s game while Michigan State was unranked. Michigan, Saturday night’s opponent was ranked No. 1 in the nation, which set up an intriguing matchup. As it turned out, Wisconsin gave Michigan all they could handle and then some. We both enjoyed watching the local team beat a Michigan team of any stripe.

Sunday afternoon, we went geocaching for the first time. We found one cache but failed in our attempts to locate another. I really enjoyed the process of geocaching and am already looking forward to partaking in the activity in different locations whenever I travel.