[Colin Powell wants us to believe that Iran is working on how to deliver nuclear weapons.](http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?file=/news/archive/2004/11/17/international0042EST0405.

DTL) …

Sorry, I’m laughing so hard, I can hardly see the screen to write.

Colin, a few words of advice.

First, you and pretty much everyone else in the Bush Administration have no credibility left when it comes to warning the world about countries that have weapons of mass destruction. Remember that whole Iraq mess that we’re still muddling through? Remember how you went before the UN and presented detailed evidence about how the US knew just where all these weapons of mass destruction were located inside Iraq? Remember all the charts, graphs, reports, and other eye candy you presented as hard evidence of the fact? Remember how Dickie Cheney, Georgie Bush, Donny Rumsfeld, and yourself spent innumerable hours trying to convince anyone who would stand still long enough to listen that Iraq had oodles of weapons of mass destruction?

Does any of that ring a bell or five?

So why, exactly, should we believe you about Iran?

Beyond that, however, let’s assume for just a minute that Iran has nuclear weapons. Heck, let’s go crazy and assume for a minute that I have a nuclear weapon or two that I picked out of a “Free” box at a garage sale this summer.

Like most weapons, nukes are useless without some sort of delivery system. A bullet is nearly worthless without a gun. An artillery shell won’t do much damage if you lack cannons. Infantry chucking 12” shells at the enemy isn’t going to cause too many casualties. Some laughter, maybe. But casualties, no. Bombs are nearly worthless without their delivery system, which we cleverly named “bombers” years ago.

Having really powerful conventional explosives doesn’t do you much good if those explosives cannot be delivered to the target. Imagine if the Navy had to drop blocks of plastic explosives on submaries by hand. Don’t delivery systems like torpedoes and depth charges sound more efficient?

The rules of the game become even clearer when we start talking about the big boys in the arsenal: fuel-air explosives; chemical weapons; nuclear weapons. These are depopulate-Rhode-Island-style weapons. If you think that someone is going to set off one of those weapons by pulling a pin, yelling “Fire in the hole!”, and running like Hell towards a trench to take cover, you’re wrong. This is really basic stuff, Colin. As a former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, I expect you at least got a briefing on this stuff at some point.

If the Iranians have nuclear weapons, you bet they’re going to work on a delivery system of some sort. They’d be stupid not to. Short of nuking a city in your own country, there isn’t much one can do with a nuke that lacks some sort of delivery system.

So, Colin. Save it. Even if you can be believed, your warning is worthless.