One of my favorite folk songs is “They’re Taking It Away” [sample mp3] by Ian Robb, a Canadian. Though the song was written years ago, and by a Canadian about conditions in Canada, it is very, very relevant to life in the United States at the present time.

A sample of the lyrics:<pre class="code">If you’re native, black or asianIf you’re feminist or gayIf you’re just a little differentfrom the most of us todayIf you want to make your pointOr if you want to have your sayYou can spit into the windBecause they’ve taken it awayOhhh, they’re taking it awayThey’re taking it awayThey are taking all the good thingsYou can hear the people sayAnd they’ll take it all tomorrowIf they don’t take it todayFrom the poor and sick and helplessThey are taking it awayIf you’re battered by your husbandAnd you need a place to stayYou’d best get down upon your kneesAnd quickly learn to prayFor the Women’s Center’s phoneWas disconnected yesterdayAnd there’s no one left to talk toNow they’re taking it away</pre>