It seems that most of my favorite radio programs are only aired on the weekends. And, since I am usually busy working around the house or doing something active somewhere else, I often miss my radio shows. For some time, I had known about the Linux Radio Timeshift HOWTO but for various and sundry reasons, I never got around to playing with the software and hardware to make it all happen. Over the last week, I have been playing with the software and hardware here and there until I finally got a working system. After playing around with the scripts provided on the HOWTO page, I decided to engage in a major re-write. Since I do not have a radio that can be controlled by the PC, I do not have to worry about tuning the radio. I just have to worry about taking in audio off of /dev/dsp and turning it into some sort of encoded output. To my ear, the Ogg Vorbis encoding scheme sounds much better than MP3. So, the first change I made was to switch to oggenc from a LAME-based MP3 encoder. The second change I made was to increase the quality of the recordings produced by the scripts. Why on earth should I record FM stereo broadcasts, only to immediately encode them such that they sound like AM-mono broadcasts? Finally, I rationalized the scripts somewhat. I introduced some error checking in some locations. In other locations, I just rewrote the scripts so that they offer meaningful exit codes. So, while these scripts are no longer anywhere near what I originally downloaded, they are certainly inspired by them. If you are interested in using my scripts, you can download them here: linux_radio_time_shift.tgz