Broken Angels by Richard K. Morgan is another book in the universe inhabited by Takashi Kovacs of Altered Carbon fame.

Unlike Altered Carbon, Kovacs motivation in Broken Angels seems muddy and forced. It’s as though we can see Morgan pulling Kovacs strings; an unpleasant look behind the curtain, if you will. Even after I finished the book, I never felt like I bought in to Kovacs’ motivation. And, if one fails to understand the motivation of the main character, just how good can the book be?

Yes, the book has some interesting action and plot points, but if you don’t care much for the characters, those two are just artifices. It’s somewhat like watching someone affix really fancy chrome parts to a rusty Pinto. Those chrome parts can only do so much for the rust bucket underneath it all.

So, if you enjoyed Altered Carbon, good for you. Stay clear of Broken Angels and wait for Morgan’s next book. Let’s hope it is better than this one.