On a dish of red beans and rice, it completely disappeared. I probably added over 1/8 of the bottle, and the dish never got terribly spicy. However, adding the sauce to a tub of salsa (that was made none too hot originally), perked up the salsa quite a bit.

So, this appears to work best in situations where it is not drowned out by the food on which it is sprinkled.

UPDATED 29 Oct 04Lame, lame, lame. Today, I used upwards of a two tablespoons(!) on a pasta dish without any heat dampening ingredients (i.e., dairy products). This sauce did not hold its heat at all once it was opened. Nearly one month after first opening the bottle, I’m trying to finish it off and the fact that the sauce has almost no heat left is certainly helping the cause.

Two tablespoons(!) of a good, roaring hot habanero salsa should nearly render the food on which it is dispensed inedible. Instead, the food (which was rather bland to start) simply became spicy enough to bother eating.