Jake Gyllenhaal (or, more likely, an auto-dialer that sounds just like him) just got done leaving a message on our answering machine.
No less than three minutes after Jake called, the Human Rights Campaign called. The union of which Sarah is a member called us recently. The Sierra Club called us every hour on the hour yesterday even though neither of us are members any longer. In fact, the Sierra Club has called us several times over the past few weeks. Numerous partisan and so-called non-partisan individuals stopping by the house uninvited and unplanned over the last month or so met Dalla and her intimidating ‘defend the household to the death’ bark.

In addition to telephone pleas by Jake, Madison has been visited by The Boss, The Foo Fighters, Sheryl Crow, Leonardo DiCaprio, Sharon Stone, and numerous other celebrities and notables stumping for their candidate of choice.

Can the election please be over now? Elections share the same fundamental problem of public radio pledge drives: it’s like the candidates and their political machines are in the stereotypical police interrogation room. We can observe them through the one-way mirror, but they cannot observe us or react to our actions.

As a result, those in the interrogation room (candidates and public radio) never know when their message has been received and some sort of action has been taken. So, they just have to keep plugging away relentlessly, hoping that something will get through our media filters.

Public radio pledge drives would be much less annoying if giving money to the station would make them stopping hassling you for the same.

Political candidates are much the same. Kerry and Bush probably don’t really care who I’m voting for at this point. They just want to make sure that I’ve either completely rejected them or that firmly I’m with them. If they knew with certainty that nothing they could do or say would change my mind, they would focus their efforts and limited resources elsewhere on voters with whom they still had a chance.

Unfortunately, they cannot get that sort of communication, so they must relentlessly pound us with their messages begging for support.

Living in a swing state, we see ad after ad after ad when we mistakenly turn on the television. We get flyers; we get grassroots supporters turning up on our doorstep; we get so many telephone calls that I seriously think about having the telephone disconnected. All of that leads to a state of serious election fatigue.