Sarah and I kept ourselves very busy this weekend with entertaining, hiking, working around the house, spectating, and the like.

We entertained at our house twice in the last few days. Sheri and Bryan were entertaining her parents this weekend, so we invited the whole clan over for dinner on Thursday night. Saturday morning dawned windy, cold, and cloudy. After taking Dalla to a nearby dog park, we were back home preparing for more entertaining. Sarah and another graduate student threw Sheri a baby shower at our house.

Once the baby shower was over the guests left, we buckled down and started working on the house. Raking the lawn was job one, and that took about one and one-half hours. Once that was done, we ripped out all of the remaining tomato plants and their support structures. Rearranging the garage was next on our list as we started to move items indoors for the winter. Sarah’s potting bench, which she keeps on the back patio in the summer, got hauled to the basement. The patio furniture came into the garage. The grill got cleaned out and then washed out with the hose before being rolled into the garage. Ira’s outddor pen was unlocked for the winter and his house was taken indoors. While Sarah cleaned and rearranged some of our garage shelves, I worked on making the door from the kitchen to the garage work more smoothly and lock more easily.

After that was done, we took Dalla to a dog park farther from our house for a nice walk. While we had been working, the weather turned very nice: sixty-plus degrees and sunny.

Shortly after getting back home, we ate a quick dinner and then went to our first hockey game of the year. Wisconsin beat Michigan Tech 3-0 in a game that was never that close.

This morning, we got up early and went for a hike in Governor Nelson State Park. There were a pair of sandhill cranes near the parking area when we arrived. Once they saw Dalla, they started jumping up and down and making (what we assumed were) menacing noises. Dalla was several counties this side of afraid. In fact, she kept standing up on her rear legs (which we generally interpret to be, “Hey, look over there! Prey!”) and lunging at the leash.

While I watched the Vikings game, Sarah went to work for a couple of hours at the National Park Service office. Dalla and I picked Sarah up after the Vikings game and we went out to Indian Lake County Park. Once there, we hiked several miles. We left there as the sun was going down and the weather was turning cool.

As you can probably noticed, we kept ourselves busy this weekend. However, with the beautiful weather we had on Saturday afternoon and most of Sunday, both of us felt compelled to get outdoors and enjoy the days.