We spent some time on Sunday working on our house again.

Sometime later this month, we’d like to blow a fair amount of cellulose insulation into our attic. However, before we can do that, we need to ensure that adequate ventilation will still get from the soffit vents into the attic. By using air channels and baffles, we can prevent the insulation from falling onto the soffit vents, and still get air from the soffit vents along the roof, up to the ridge vent. Unfortunately, we cannot reach the soffit vents from inside the attic due to the roof’s very shallow pitch. So, we have to work on the problem by removing the old soffit vents from outside the house. Then, we have to insert the baffles and air channels through the hole in the soffit, and secure as much as possible before replacing the soffit vent cover.

The soffit vent covers are original, which means they are over forty years old. Many of the screens on the vent covers that were designed to keep bugs out of the attic had completely rusted or rotted away. The screen that covered the outlet for the kitchen exhaust fan was almost completely caked over with grease.

Sarah really got us motivated to out there and tackle the problem. She figured out how to craft baffles from cardboard to hold back the insulation. She also took the lead in getting the soffit vents down.

While she was doing that, I was monkeying around on the roof. I put a pair of chimney caps on our chimneys. Those should help keep wind, rain, debris, and critters out of our chimneys. Wind and rain had been real problems. Sometimes, we’d get water in the fireplace, even with the damper closed, as rain water would run down the chimney. We had a fire on Friday night, during a severe rain, and the rain put out the fire on the right-hand side of the fireplace. Hopefully, the chimney caps will prevent that from happening again.

After I finished that, I climbed down and helped Sarah with the soffit vents. Between the two of us, we got a little over half the soffit vents replaced/upgraded in just a few hours.