Two days ago, Sarah purchased a new bicycle, a Fuji League. The bike is a lightweight road bike without excessive bells and whistles. She had been looking for a new road bike since last summer when she finally decided that her old road bike was simply too big for her.

The frame of her new bike is red and white. The frame is chro-moly, which should absorb some of the usual bumps resident in Madison-area roads. She bought it from a local bicycle retailer’s “used” department. However, the bike clearly had never been ridden for anything longer than a block or two. The chain and rear sprockets were in pristine condition. The rims evinced no signs that brake pads had ever touched them.

Madison ordinances require that all bicycles kept in the city be registered (licensed). Normally, the cost is $10/bike. However, once a family goes over the two bike threshold, the cost drops to $8/bike. Since we now own seven bikes, we’re clearly getting the volume discount.

Even though we have seven bikes, I expect that number to drop to six at some point as Sarah unloads her old, too large road bike. However, if I can find a cheap frame in decent condition, I’m going to purchase it and turn it into a fixed gear. Also, Sarah has expressed some interest in owning a single-speed of her own, so we may be on the lookout for another road frame that fits her we can convert to a single speed. So, even as our bike herd is culled, we expect it to grow in the future.