From an article in today’s Wisconsin State Journal: Two fans, Bonnie Torre, 45, of Madison, and Dick Story, 57, of Madison, complained that police confiscated a Snickers bar and bag of peanuts they’d bought from a vendor just outside the stadium, although they’ve been allowed to bring in similar items for years. Police said it was necessary because of terrorism concerns, Story said.

Yes, the truth is out. No one can find any evidence that Saddam Hussein cooperated with terrorists, but I think we all agree that someone else did. Mr. Peanut, you can hide the truth from us no longer. 81,000+ fans would assuredly have suffered the most terrible of all imaginable consequences had Mr. Peanut’s devilish progeny been allowed on the stadium premises.

We should all thank our faithful, ever vigilent law enforcement agencies for protecting us from the scourge of salty and chocolate covered snacks.