One delightful aspect of being in Europe was that the Republican National Convention is very nearly completely off the radar screen of Europeans. As such, European news agencies don’t expactly feel compelled to spent ten hours each day airing the same old, same old about the convention.

At least the BBC isn’t airing wall to wall convention coverage.

If it isn’t news, nor suspenseful, why must every news agency report on it constantly?

It was quite unfornate to find myself back in the States listening to non-stop, wall-to-wall coverage of the convention on US radio statins. Fortunately, one of the local radio stations, carries the BBC World Report. As such, I’ve been able to keep up with the rest of the world, even as the US media beats the dead RNC Convention horse into the dirt and mud.

If, as the news media claims, the RNC Convention is so boring, stage managed, and completely devoid of life, why does it receive so much attention?