Information about our trip to Europe.

Our trip starts with a bus ride from Madison to Chicago O’Hare on Van Galder Bus lines. We’re flying to Frankfurt and back on Air India out of Chicago O’Hare.

Mon, Aug 16-Tue, Aug 17: Air India Ltd., AI 0126 From: Chicago O’Hare, IL (ORD) Departs: 7:00pm To: Frankfurt, German (FRA) Arrives: 10:15am Flight Time: 8 hours and 15 minutes Mon, Aug 30: Air India Ltd., AI 0127 From: Frankfurt, Germany (FRA) Departs: 2:00pm To: Chicago O’Hare, IL (ORD) Arrives: 3:50pm Flight Time: 8 hours and 50 minutes At one time, we planned on staying one night in Frankfurt (17 Aug 04). Now, however, our plans call for us to immediately head for the train station. Once there, we’ll catch a train to Munich, where we’ll find lodging.

After that, no one knows where we’ll be or what we’ll be doing.