If you visited our house in the past, you more than likely could not help but notice that we like to use brightly colored paint on the walls.

All of the rooms in the house were reasonably colorful…except the bathroom. The previous owners of the house apparently were either blind, or blind. They somewhat inexplicably painted the bathroom a mottled dark brown with pink accents. The shower surround is a dirty white; the tub is reddish pink. The floor is a stark white linoleum. The wood is all oak. Obviously, given that color scheme, one would naturally gravitate to mottled dark brown with pink accents. (?!?!?!?!)To make matters even worse, they painted the ceiling the same color. So, not only was the bathroom a horribly ugly color, but it was really dark.

In addition to painting the ceiling, they painted all manner of surfaces that are not usually painted, including parts of the shower surround, the vanity, and the heating duct. But, they didn’t paint behind the toilet tank. They also, didn’t remove their towel racks from the wall, they just painted around them. So, if one were to remove the towel racks (which we did because they were incredibly ugly, cheap affairs), one would be left with cream colored spots on a mottled dark brown wall with pink accents.

Sarah and I had discussed painting the bathroom several times, but since it would mean putting it out of commission for several days, we just never got started on the project. We did buy paint for it, but even that wasn’t enough of a kick in the pants to get the job done.

Monday, I grew fed up with walking into a cave everytime I wanted to use the bathroom, so I started the unpleasant job of painting the whole thing a new color.

I had to remove all the towel racks, dissassemble the toilet (so I could paint behind the tank), cover all vanity and shower with plastic drop cloths, and all the other prep you would normally perform on a room targeted for painting. In addition, I had to wash down the walls and ceiling with a bleach/water solution to kill any mildew resident on the mottled dark brown with pink accents paint.

Sarah spent the first part of the week at Effigy Mounds National Monument, so I was the only one inconvenienced by the bathroom disassembly. Fortunately, we have a toilet and a sink in the basement. Unfortunately, we don’t have a shower. That meant that the longer the project went on, the smellier I got. By the end of the project, I was making an effort to avoid other people because I figured that if I could smell myself (which I could), then my B.

O. must be completely off the scale.

In total, it took me just short of three days to finish the project. Six coats of paint (two primer sealer coats; two coats of ceiling paint; two coats of wall paint) were used to banish the mottled dark brown with pink accents to the dustbin of history’s incredibly bad ideas.