The Dog Who Loved Too Much by Dr. Nicholas H. Dodman should be required reading for anyone who adopts a dog from a shelter.

Dr. Dodman, who teaches at Tufts University, has written an interesting examination of dogs and their mental problems. The books uses real life dogs as examples and we get to sit in on treatment for dogs that have the following problems:- Dogs that are afraid of Thursdays

  • Dogs that attack the new baby in the house
  • Dogs that attack their owners
  • Dogs that are afraid of other people than their owners
  • Dogs that tear up the house when left alone
  • Dogs that are afraid of thunderstorms There are even more in the book, but those are the ones that pop to the top of my mind.

In addition to describing the dogs above, Dr. Dodman describes the underlying syndrome that creates undesirable behavior. This helps the reader to understand what their dog (which may display the same behaviors) has going through its little dog mind.

Even more importantly, Dr. Dodman describes how to cure the behaviors he describes. At the end of each chapter, a summary of the chapters high point placed for easy reference. All of this makes it very easy to understand why dogs act the way they do, and how people sometimes inadvertantly reinforce behavior that they do not like or appreciate.

Since dogs acquired from a shelter often have troubled pasts, this book can help dog owners overcome the dogs mental blocks and thought processes to create a better behaved and better socialized dog.