The Democratic party was in Florida over the weekend adopting a largely do-nothing platform.

Why on earth would I vote for a party’s candidates when its platform can be best described as “measured”, and “watered-down”. Perhaps my favorite measured idea is a lack of condemnation of the war in Iraq. Rather than declare the war a mistake, the Democratic party chooses to say that it was a mistake to “rush to war.”So, it is okay to persue wars with uncertain ends for false reasons if we do so slowly? I’m glad those razor-sharp Democratic minds cleared that up for me.

Oh, and they are afraid to take on the PATRIOT Act. The Democrats (minus Russ Feingold who was the only member of the Senate who did not vote for the accursed Act), are turning tail on their original votes to enact the Patriot Act and now they spend their time half-heartedly attacking the damn thing. Of course, they don’t want to attack it too strongly because that might give the Republicans some sort of basis to attack the Democrats.

In other words, the Democans don’t want to appear too different than the Republicrats.

And you ask why I’m voting for Ralph Nader?