After our marraige last September, Sarah and I just never quite got around to taking our honeymoon. We always had some scheme in mind, but we never found a way to make it work for reasons of schedule, money, timing, or a combination of the above.

However, we are finally taking off this summer for our honeymoon. For two weeks in August we’ll be traveling around Europe, taking in the sights. Our current itinerary calls for us to travel Air India from Chicago to Frankfurt, Germany. Once we hit the ground in Germany, we’ll probably spend the night in Frankfurt before moving on to other destinations. We haven’t decided yet exactly how much of our travel to plan, but most likely we will travel casually, holding to little or no schedule.

Sarah and I are both looking forward to trip. Last summer, we never really left Madison because we were so busy planning for our wedding and dealing with our newly purchased house and newly adopted dog. This summer, we’ve been able to take more time for ourselves, and a long trip out of the country will fit into that scheme just fine.