Since the weather here in Wisconsin has been so rainy, we had trouble getting our vegetable garden in the ground. Last week, I tried using a rototiller that we borrowed from people we knew to till up part of the backyard.

That turned out to be a bust as I spent three hours working on the project and probably got six square feet tilled. It took me the better part of an hour just to get the damn rototiller started. The whole time I was struggling to get that little two-stroke engine to turn over, I kept reminding myself that I don’t handle engine failures well, and that is why I use a human-powered reel power, instead of a balky gas-powered lawn mower. Once I finally got the mower started, it turned out to be woefully inadequate for the task it had been handed. It could barely cut through the turf in our backyard, much less dig in to the clay soil underneath the turf. By the time the I’d struggled with the tiller for the better part of a half hour, I was actively thinking about where I might be able to rent a team of oxen and a plow. Sure that would be overkill, but it would have done a hell of a job getting our garden ready to plant.

Finally, at my Mom’s suggestion, I broke down and called a professional to come take care of the problem. This morning, Jerry (of Jerry and Juanita’s Lawn Care) showed up early with a very large rototiller to take care of the problem. A half-hour (and forty-five dollars later), the problem was solved. Of course, shortly after the garden was tilled, the rain started again in earnest.