We used to have a circular flower garden in our front yard. The previous owners of the house had a very large pine tree cut down, and in its place, they installed a circular flower garden with half a wine barrel at its center.

Last year, we used this garden to grow tomatoes and peppers since we didn’t finish moving in until July and we didn’t have time to dig up a big garden in the back yard.

This year, we decided that we didn’t like having a seemingly randomly placed circular garden in our front yard, so yesterday, we spent most of the day changing the shape of the garden. Now the garden abuts a sidewalk and the driveway on two sides, and has a wavy border of bricks on the third side. We kept the wine barrel, but planted numerous flowers and vegetables around and in it.

Since we had been having so much trouble getting a vegetable garden in the back yard, we decided to punt and put some of our vegetables in the front garden again. So, our tomatoes and peppers are in the front garden again. We also planted some native plants (Big Bluestem, Ox-Eyed Sunflowers, Little Bluestem, Red Milkweed) to try and liven the garden up a bit. Now, we just need some sun to make it all grow.