If you’re not reading Stephen King’s Dark Tower series of books, I don’t want to know what you’re doing with your time.

When I got done with The Dark Tower: Wizard and Glass two years ago, I quickly awarded it a place on my personal Top Ten Books of All Time list. While the other Dark Tower books were good, until Wizard and Glass, they had been just that, good.
It would be an insult to Wizard and Glass to even try and find a degree of the word “good” to describe it. To do the book justice, you’d really need to skip the word “good” and its ilk, and move right to words like “transcendent” or “sublime” to find adjectives to describe it.

With that in mind, I worried whether The Dark Tower: Wolves Of The Calla could possibly hope to be anything other than a letdown.

It was perhaps inevitable that Wolves of the Calla would not be as surpassing as Wizard and Glass. Having said that, Wolves of the Calla is still a very good book.

If you’ve been keeping up with the Dark Tower series, you would be asmiss to stop reading now. Pick-up Wolves of the Calla and keep up with the journey of Roland and his ka-tet to the Dark Tower.