We’ve seen several movies of late and while some of them were quite good, others were far less so.

By far the best movie we’ve seen of late was Shrek 2. While we were waiting in line to get into the theater, Sarah and I were trying to decide the last time we’d actually been to a movie theater to see a movie. After some back and forth we agreed upon sometime last fall. Anyway, we probably would have just waited for Shrek 2 to come out on video (like we do with everything else), except that some of our friends wanted to see the movie in the theater and they invited us to go along. Sure, the movie is somewhat predictable, but it does have its fair share of truly funny moments. I found myself laughing quite hard at times, which is an unfortunately rare event when it comes to movies these days.

Last night, we saw 21 Grams. There is an art-house movie theater just a few blocks from our house, and 21 Grams played there for months. So, when I saw it in the video store I decided to give it a try. What, exactly, was all the hype about?

The movie was, quite frankly, boring. Characters had incredibly difficult to understand motivations. Sure, I can understand Naomi Watts’ character’s motives. I can even partially understand Benicio Del Toro’s character’s motives. But the motives of Sean Penn’s character? Just too far out there. Half way through the movie I was keeping myself entertained by playing with the dog.Big Fish was a surprisingly good movie. I little to nothing about it, other than Tim Burton directed it. The movie itself was very entertaining, and even heartfelt. It could have been really corny and dumb, but Burton really pulled it off and made a very entertaining movie.

This year’s award for overly-hyped, “I Can’t Believe It Won A Best Picture Oscar” goes to The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King. If there was a more boring movie released last year, I didn’t see it. This movie carried with the burden that nearly everyone knows how it ends. How do you build up drama to a foregone conclusion? You don’t. While the visuals were interesting, the storyline (once the writer and director got done mangling it beyond recognition) wasn’t very compelling. This was another movie where I spent a fair amount of time playing with the dog while it ran on the television.