Sarah and I mixed work with play this weekend and got several projects finished while still taking time to enjoy the reasonably nice weather.

On Saturday, we put some more plants in our herb garden, potted plants in hanging planters, and weeded a few garden areas. Sarah also fixed the toilet in the basement that had developed a tendency to run. After all of that, we headed out to Governor Nelson State Park to take advantage of Wisconsin’s Free Fishing Weekend. Neither of us knows much about fishing, nor do we have an extensive collection of fishing gear. But, fishing is a very Wisconsin thing to do, so we decided we’d better get out there and try it once in a while. An hour and one-half of fishing later, our biggest haul was a piece of waterlogged bark and a tennis ball.

We took Dalla with us to go fishing because we wanted to see how she would react to all the water. Suffice it to say that she was rather unimpressed by the lake. The first time she got her nose near the water, a wave came to shore and soaked her nose. She leaped back from the water like it had bitten her and never got terribly close again.

Sunday we did some more work around the house. I cut a dead and rotting limb off the birch tree in our front yard while Sarah weeded the garden in front of our house.

In the afternoon, we went for a long bike ride on the Military Ridge Trail. We biked for just short of two hours, so my estimatation is that we rode about thirty miles. Not a terribly long ride, but in the relatively hot and humid weather, long enough.