Nine people died on Wisconsin’s highways and by-ways over Memorial Day Weekend.

Of course, all seventy words of that story ran on page B2 of the Wisconsin State Journal.
The big news was that the Madison metro area got more rain over Memorial Day Weekend and some people’s docks are covered in water. That apparently much more newsworthy article got 530 words of page B1 coverage, above the fold.

So, the body count on America’s highways keeps going up. Nine people died last weekend? Who cares?! We got rain on the a three day weekend, after all.

Why don’t Americans find something wrong with this sort of news coverage? Even more baffling is why they don’t find something wrong with the deaths of nine people over a weekend (270 people have died so far this year just on Wisconsin highways alone). That’s more than one person a day who leaves home or work, never to return because they died in a wreck on some Godforsaken asphalt somewhere.