This morning, Dalla and I were out for her morning walk when we saw a kid on a bike get hit by a guy driving a Jeep Grand Cherokee.

The accident occurred probably 50 yards in front of us. The kid, a middle school-aged kid who was heading to the school two blocks from our home, was in the act of crossing a very busy street, Midvale Blvd. He was riding his bike in the crosswalk from east to west (Midvalue runs North to South).
The Jeep Grand Cherokee was trying to turn left (North) and was paying no attention to the kid. The driver of the Cherokee was, instead, fixated on only the cars and trucks. So, when he saw a small opening in traffic, he gunned the moter of his Jeep Grand WasteOfCapital and roared out into the road like demons from the lower regions of Hell were hot on his trail.

Too late, the moron driving the Jeep saw the kid on the bike. He stepped on the brakes, but even with squealing tires, the Jeep’s front end made impact with the middle schooler.

Being the angry bicyle/pedestrian that I am, and seeing as how this was a kid lying in the street, Dalla and I hurried the rest of the way to the scene of the collision.

The kid was lucky. He was wearing a helmet and he didn’t appear to have any major injuries, but his bike was banged up. He was shaken, to say the least.

A woman in a Honda Accord stopped to see if she coulder render assistance.

The driver of the Jeep got out and started to brush the kid off while collecting the kid’s bicycle for him.

I asked the kid if he was okay and if needed me to call for the police. The kid replied that he needed to call his teacher at school so that she would know why he was late. I suggested that he call his parents instead, and let them call his teacher.

Just then, a cacophony of sirens filled the air as an ambulance and fire truck arrived on the scene. (There is a firehouse just two blocks away, so they didn’t have to come far).

Seeing as how the kid was in the good hands of firemen and paramedics, Dalla and I started walking again towards the library (our original destination).

Seeing that kid get hit by a Jeep made me really mad. What will it take before motorists start actually looking for bicyclists and pedestrians? Will nearly everyone have to lose a close friend or relative to a needless fatal collision with a car before they pull their fat heads out of their asses and realize that when they take the wheel of a car, they actually need to open their eyes and pay attention to everyone using the public road?

Confidential to the Jeep Grand Cherokee driver: Dude. Your’re a tool; a gullible tool. No one who’s anyone who ever has to travel offroad buys a Jeep Grand Cherokee. If you actually needed an offroad vehicle, you’d be driving an Isuzu Trooper (with an offroad package) or a properly outfitted pickup truck. Jeep Grand Cherokees are marketed at people who like to think about going offroad once in a while, but never really get farther than the visitor center at the nearest national park. Our Saturn wagon almost has more ground clearance than your supposedly mighty machine. More than anything else about you, Dumbo, your choice of transportation tells me plenty about you.