This morning on NPR’s Marketplace, I heard that sales of SUVs rebounded in May after falling off in April. What are people thinking? The great American public once again has its collective head up its collective ass! The actual need for these gas-guzzling, environment-destroying vehicles is about 5% of the total actually bought.

Let’s start paying attention to the EPA numbers that every vehicle model has assigned to it. A couple of suggestions:1. Unless you’re a business & can prove a need, slap a 25% surcharge at time of purchase on any vehicle with a rating below 20 mpg.

  1. Put a chip in every car identifying its EPA rating & have gas pumps that can read that info. Then when you go to fill up your gas tank and if the pumps detect that your vehicle is wildly inefficient (anything below 20 mpg), you get the pleasure of paying an extra $1.00 per gallon. All money collected should go to EPA enforcement efforts &/or Superfund cleanups, which the present administration has de-funded.

My rant for today.-Mike