As I revealed in a previous post, in the past I’ve been unfortunate enough to find glass in my food. Yesterday, I found glass in my food again.

UPDATED: 04 Jun 04It was a typical (of late) Madison morning, with steady rain and a temperature approaching the south side of fifty degrees.

I rolled out of bed, took a shower, got the dog ready, put on my rain gear, and headed out for a little strip mall a mile or so away from home. I was heading for the little strip mall because it has a branch of the local library (I wanted to return some items I had checked out) and it contains our favorite bakery, La Brioche. Dalla and I walked through the rain, got to the mall, deposited items in the library’s after-hours deposit box, and headed to the bakery.

At the bakery, I purchased two cut-out cookies (sugar cookies cut in shapes and covered with an oh-so-delicious frosting) and two day-old morning buns (cinnamon rolls, but without the noxious white frosting).

Another walk through the rain back home, and breakfast could begin.

After some fruit and cereal, I had coffee (with chicory, of course) and a morning bun. About two thirds of the way through the morning bun, my back teeth crunched down on something hard that felt like it shattered in my mouth. Of course, I wasn’t about to swallow anything that was:1. The consistency of sand or stone

  1. Freshly shattered, and probably sharp

So, when I finally removed the freshly chewed bun from my mouth, I found several bits of glass in amongst the bun’s leavings. That was very disappointing.

So, once again I’ve found glass in my food. Perhaps this is the universe striking back at me for ruining a particularly irreplacable piece of glassware in a previous life. Perhaps this is just a string of bad luck. Regardless, if I went the rest of my life and didn’t find another piece of glass in food I was eating, I could die happy.

Update: La Brioche was completely not at fault for the above. As it turns out, the glass came from our butter dish, and not the Morning Bun. A small chip came out of the butter dish and must have stuck to the butter. When I applied the butter to the Bun, the glass transferred to the food.

I’m glad I discovered that the glass came from the butter dish rather than from the Morning Bun. I’d hate to stop eating baked goods from my favorite bakery due to something that wasn’t their fault.