Dalla and I have been going on Bunny Patrol in our yard the last few weeks. Since all of our plants are sprouting the bunnies are back in business.

The bunnies initially chewed up some parsley we planted, so that got a cage of chicken wire. Then, they went after some native plants we bought at a native plant sale, so those got chicken wire cages, as well.

Recently, we noticed some damage to leaves on the raspberries bushes we planted this year, so two days ago we put of a chicken wire fence around those, as well.

We have several types of hostas in our back yard, and the green ones have been ravaged by the bunnies of late. So, whenever I see a bunny outside, I leash up Dalla, and we sprint out of the back door, screaming like Vikings raiding a French sea town. I yell of revenge; the dog yips of bloody, furry murder. This generally suffices to keep the bunnies out of the yard for a few hours.

We’ll probably end up putting a fence in eventually. Then, I can just let Dalla out to chase the bunnies without our 180 lb. anchor.

I want the bunnies to think twice before entering our yard. I want the bunnies to wonder when the High-Velocity, Furry, Large-Canine-Equipped, Yipping Bunny Disposal Squad is going to be loosed upon them. I want the bunnies to see our yard as far less green than the others in the neighborhood.