Had Lenin and Marx been able to observe the modern office, neither one would have been comfortable advancing the theory of communism.

The office break room or kitchen offers the clearest evidence that communism cannot function. In corporate break rooms all across America, coffee pots go un-refilled, microwaves go uncleaned, and refridgerators go unpurged.

All of that because people feel that doing any of that work is someone else’s job. Most people will do anything to avoid having to make another pot of coffee. They’ll go out and buy coffe rather than make another pot of free coffee; they’ll pour just enough coffee out of the pot to slake their thirst, but not so much as to empty the pot to the unspoken level at which the pot must be emptied and another pot brewed.

Microwaves are routinely filled with numerous food splatters. People heat up their lunches, and just walk away from the greasy mess they created in the microwave because they feel it isn’t their job to clean the microwave.

Water coolers will sit for hours or days with an empty water bottle on top until some desperate soul comes along and places another bottle on top.

Refridgerators are often filled to the brim with forgotten lunches, snacks, leftovers, and condiments. Whose job is it to ferret out the good food from the bad? "Not mine," is always the answer.

So, communal property goes untended and unmaintained. We’re all too busy to even bother to clean up after ourselves or to refill any sort of vessel we empty.

Marx and Lenin would surely have seen how most people living in a modern society generally believe that someone else (who that someone else is, no one can say, but they’re sure they exist, even when presented daily with evidence to the contrary) will take care of communal property for little to no reward so that those who don’t care for the community’s resources can prosper.