Has anyone else noticed the decline of Cracker Jack? There are now very few peanuts in a box. I counted seven the other day.
Beyond the lesser number of peanuts, the prizes these days are worthless. It wasn’t very long ago that one could get plastic trinkets inside a box of Cracker Jack. I remember getting jumping frogs, little kaleidoscopes, and the like in the not very distant past.

Now, all the “prizes” are lame little puzzles printed on pieces of paper.

None of this is incredibly surprising when you consider that Cracker Jack is now owned by Frito-Lays. Frito-Lays is the largest, most profitable subsidiary of the $27 billion food industry leviathon, PepsiCo. And, if you’re a food industry leviathon, cutting out a few peanuts and plastic gee-gaws for the sake of short-term profitabilty only makes sense, no matter how much the change cheapens the product’s image in the long run.