The dishwasher that was installed when we bought our house left a fair amount to be desired. It was almond colored, while everything else in the kitchen was either white or stainless steel. The diswasher was loud; so loud I could hear it from any room in the house. It didn’t get the dishes very clean. Many times, our glasses were left with particulate matter in them, so we were washing our glasses by hand. Sometimes, the detergent dispenser on the door failed to open during the wash cycle.

So, it was not necessarily a fine piece of dishwashing engineering that occupied a space in our kitchen. Two weeks before we left on vacation, Sarah and I threw up our hands in frustration, and visited a local appliance dealer to purchase a new unit. As with all things, the new unit arrived two days before we left on vacation. So, this morning, we wrestled the old beast out from under the counter, and wrestled the new beast in.

If you’re truly interested in seeing levels of filth that you wouldn’t otherwise believe could be possible in your home, pull out your dishwasher.

After unhooking the old one and carting it outdoors, we got down to the serious business of getting the new system installed. Fitting, shimming, fitting, shimming, cursing, leveling, testing, swearing, leveling, testing, attaching, and the like took up the next hour or so. Finally, the new, functional dishwasher was installed. It will be great to not only have clean dishes again, but be able listen to the radio while the dishwasher is running.