There are exactly two reasons that I occasionally fire up Windoze at home:1. TurboTax

  1. Quicken

I really enjoy how Quicken allows me to easily track where and how I spend my money. For instance, in the last twelve months, I spent just over $568.00 on bicycles and accessories.

That figure includes the purchase of two new bikes (a combined $42), but is mostly comprised of parts for bikes. New cables, housing, saddles, brakes, chains, fendors, racks, tires, handlebar grips and the like all add up over time.

Unlike most people who replace bicycling gear because it has been sitting around for too long, I do actually wear out bicycling gear. My bike saddles wear out, my brake pads get worn down, the tread on my tires disappears due to wear, and my chains get stretched.

However, even spending $568.00 per annum on bicycles and accessories is cheap compared to owning and operating a vehicle. Heck, one monthly payment on a new GMC Yukon would total more than I spent all last year on bicycling. Forget, making twelve of those payments, in addition to insurance and licensing costs.

Sarah and I were commenting this morning over breakfast how people will complain, and loudly, when gasoline prices spike this summer. We both said, laughingly, that we’ll just have to bike more.