Once again, government has stepped in to stop someone from doing something (for free) that benefits everyone and hurts no one. A scientist at Fermilab in Illinois invented an ingenous snow plow that is pulled behind a bicycle. This plow is then used to clear a small section of a bicycle path. For the past three years, the scientist has used this brilliant invention to benefit everyone who uses the path.

So what did the governing authority do? They recently threatened him with fines if he keeps plowing the path.

How dare he perform a public service with no thought of reward or pay?!? Doesn’t this scientist know that only activities sanctioned by bureaucrats are allowed on paths paid for and maintained by the public for the public’s use?

Clearly, we should all check in with the local bureaucracy before heading out to enjoy the facilities that our tax dollars create. We should also ensure that we do not try to improve our public facilities in any way. This means that you shouldn’t pick up litter if you see it, nor should you attempt to shovel snow if you find yourself on public land. You should also not attempt to engage in any other form of non-invasive public facilities improvement without the explicit blessing of your local bureaucracy.