While at the library conducting research for a potential story, I strolled past the New Releases shelf. A book titled Fortress Malta caught my eye since Sarah and I talked about vacationing in Malta last year. I read the dust jacket and decided to bring it home.

Generally, non-fiction isn’t my preferred genre of book. I’m a Sci-Fi/Fantasy reader (I’m reading Phillip K Dick’s short stories, at the moment). So, a non-fiction book has to cover a subject that interests me and do so with intelligence, humor, and insight. This book met all of those criteria.
Now that I’ve finished the book, I would recommend it to anyone interested in history or WWII. The story of Malta, the Maltese, and the island’s British defenders is truly fascinating. There are several people in the book whose exploits would be hard to believe in fiction, must less in real life.

The story of Adrian Warburton (“Warby”) in Fortress Malta is so fascinating, touching, and funny that one should read the book for it alone. The man was a reconnaissance pilot (who had trouble with take offs and landings) yet he managed to shoot down no less than nine aircraft over the course of the war. He flew so low that he once came back to Malta with a radio antenna from an Italian warship wedged into the bottom of his plane.

If you need an interesting and entertaining book for a long plane trip, a day at the beach, or for some bedtime reading, check out Fortress Malta by James Holland.