Sarah and I haven’t seen many movies of late because we’ve been busy with other things. However, we have seen a few.- Desperado: A fun, fun movie. If you just want to kick back, suspend disbelief, and have a good time, this movie will keep you entertained. If you’re going to analyze the action and motives of the characters, rent something else.

  • Once Upon a time in Mexico: Written, directed, edited, shot, produced, and scored by Robert Rodriguez, who also directed and wrote Desperado, above. Another fun, suspend disbelief movie. If you rent the DVD, make sure to watch the fascinating bit on making puerco pibil in the DVD extras.
  • The Italian Job: An average movie. Not good, not bad. If I was stuck on an airplane with a limited amount of reading material, and this movie was free in the cabin, I would watch it. Otherwise, I probably wouldn’t bother.