Since when did the USA become so utterly stocked to the rafters with motivated, creative individuals that we couldn’t use a couple more?
Remember the Cubans who tried to escape the to US on an old truck that they converted to a boat? They were stopped at sea by the Coast Guard, their truck was sunk, and the occupants of the truck were returned to Cuba.

Now, three of same Cubans are trying to get here again. They converted a 1959 Buick into an ocean-going vessel and set sail for Florida again. Eleven Cubans (try getting eleven people into a car on land, much less at sea) were captured by the Coast Guard and their car was sunk.

It seems to me that these are exactly the sort of people the USA ought to be trying to attract. Clearly, the guys who turned an old car into a sea-worthy vessel, who timed their voyage for good weather and calm seas, who were not deterred by failing a first time, are smart, creative, hard-working, forward-thinking, never-say-die people. Since when did we have too many of those folks around here?!? You can go weeks at a time without finding a person like that in the US.

This country was founded by people just like those gentlemen: people with vision; people with backbone; people who were determined to make their own way in the world. Remember David Farragut’s famous cry? “Damn the torpedoes! Full speed ahead!” I can almost picture the Cubans in question, just before they drive off the beach in Cuba and into the ocean saying, “Damn the Coast Guard! Full speed ahead!” Why are we turning people like that away? Some folks would argue that these Cubans were going to be nothing more than a drain on our already stretched social support system. Let’s put those folks on an inland with an old car, some hardware, some tools, and a limited amount of food and see how they do. Let me remind you: these Cubans converted a 1959 Buick into a sea going boat that held eleven people! Do you honestly think they couldn’t make a living fixing cars? Heck, they’d do well to setup their own garage. I’d be willing to buy a car, just to get those guys to fix it. It would go in an oil change, and come out with wings, and the ability to fly for short distances.

This country clearly needs to stop and think for a minute before reflexively slamming the door in the face of people who clearly fit the mold of what we all would like to be.