From Friday through Sunday, I played in six curling matches and won all but one. The two games we played on Thursday night were league games at the Madison Curling Club. The matches in which I played on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were part of the annual Arlington (WI) Men’s Bonspiel. My team took second place overall in the bonspiel. We had a chance to win the whole tournament on the last shot, but we missed it, and ended up in second place.

The bonspiel was a fun event. We got to play against teams from other towns, which was a nice change of pace. On Saturday night, there was a banquet and a raffle. Tickets were ten dollars for “a wingspan.” Since tall people have longer wingspans than shorter people, tall people naturally got a better chance to win.

The Arlington bonspiel is famous for giving away toilets during the raffle and this year was no exception. The toilets are a sought after prize, even more so than box seats to a Brewers game, golf outings, or leather jackets. That reflects the down-home, blue-collar nature of the people there. Most people even had a plan to either add a toilet to their home or replace one of their existing toilets if they won.

Unfortunately, I did not win a toilet. Nor did I win one of the many bottles of booze given away. Fortunately, I didn’t win any of the golf balls, golf outings, or Brewers box seats, either. What I did win was a homemade clock with a curling theme. Sarah immediately hung it in our kitchen, declaring that we didn’t “have enough kitschy curling stuff” around the house and that the clock would go a long way towards filling that void.