The season for one of my curling teams (Thursday night) is halfway over and we have lost far more games than we have won. The best way I can explain our dismal record is to discuss how airplane accidents are almost always caused by a chain of events. Each link in the chain, when viewed in isolation, does not appear to be an eggregiously bad decision or action. However the cumulative effects of the individual decisions or actions generally lead to one horrible, catastrophic moment (i.e., the airplane crash). If just one link in the chain of events were to be broken, the theory goes, the catastropic moment could be avoided. Such is the case with nearly every curling game in which our team has competed this year. In each end we miss maybe one or two shots. Each missed shot appears to be less than catastrophic at the time. However, each missed shot builds up, until, like last night, we find ourselves on the short end of a 8-2 score in the eigth end with only five stones remaining to be played. Hopefully, my Sunday night team (which starts play thisweek) will do a bit better.