Sarah and I got many home improvement projects done or started thisweekend.

On Saturday, we replaced a hollow-core door between thekitchen and the garage with a pre-hung steel door. On Sunday, wereplaced the (leaking) plumbing under our laundry sink with a set of PVCreplacement components. The previous owners reacted to a corroded pipe(i.e., the pipe walls in the trap had corroded through) by wrapping the pipein electrical tape. I’ll leave it to the reader to imagine how wellthat worked.

We also replaced some cabinet knobs, put in someinsulation in the basement, patched a broken window in the rear door of ourgarage, and did some other miscellaneous chores. After all that wasdone, of course, we got to shovel five inches of snow off the walk. We’re looking forward to the weekdays now when we can take some time off.