The home improvement industry would be better served by turning out morespecific instructions. The directions we used to install the door thisweekend were something like seven steps. Of course, the directionsstarted at a point where you had a door-shaped hole in the house. Noguidance in taking out the old door or making a fresh, new hole in yourhouse was given. Even the steps that were listed were occasionallyvague. Some pointers about how to use shims to hold the door in placewould have been nice. Some tips on how to center the door in theopening, while maintaining a square frame, with a door that swung freely inthe frame would have been greatly appreciated. Instead, we gotglowingly vague instructions and happy little line-drawing people. This sort of nearly worthless instruction is not limited to pre-hungdoors. Nearly every sort of home improvement project is not burdenedwith a surfeit of instructions, but rather awash in a sea of silence forspecific steps in the process. If directions to build a new house werewritten like most home improvement project directions, they would readsomething like this:1. Remove parts for new house from package.

  1. Build new house.
  2. Move in and enjoy your new home!