Sarah and I got back last night from our Christmas trip to Cleveland, OH.  Her family lives just outside of Cleveland proper, and since we visited my family for Thanksgiving, we visited her family for Christmas.  It was a long drive to get there and back, so we both are enjoying car-free days today.  There’s nothing like a good bike ride to work out the kinks of 9+ hours (each way) spent in the car.

While we were in Cleveland, we visited the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  I had been putting off a visit to that particular institution for several years, simply because I did not think it would be very interesting or fun.  However, having now been to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, I would recommend that all Cleveland visitors pencil in at least half a day to visit it.  If you’re really into Rock and Roll, you could easily spend the better part of two days at the museum.  My favorite nugget of information that I gleaned from the exhibits (and I learned quite a bit, actually) was that Howlin’ Wolf, a blues singer, did not trust banks.  So, he carried all of his cash and valuables around with him in a suitcase, even on stage.  The suitcase is in a display case in the museum.

Sarah’s father took us to eat at Slyman’s in Cleveland.  They are famous for their corned beef sandwiches.  I’m not a corned beef fan.  Most everyone else in our group does like corned beef, however, so I simply kept my reservations to myself.  Having now been to Slyman’s, however, I can say that not only is their corned beef (probably) really good, but that their turkey melt is fabulous.  Nearly everyone else had a corned beef sandwich or a reuben, all of which were at least four inches tall and almost all of that height was meat.  My turkey melt was may just a touch shorter, but juicy, warm, and tender.  The rye bread was flavorful and fresh.  In short, it was a perfect turkey melt.  My favorite picture on the Slyman’s web site, shows their corned beef sandwich in all its heart-stopping, artery-clogging glory.  Check out the reuben!  That sandwich seems to say, "If you eat me, you’ll keep your cardiologist in business, but I’m worth it, all the same."